For a lot of people, moving to Greece is like living the dream – breathtaking views, crystal blue water, whitewashed villas, comfortable climate, and historical sightseeing on every corner. Greece offers every possible accommodation to choose from – luxurious distant villas as well as tiny apartments, which are within walking distance to everything. But moving abroad to a resort place like Greece requires preparations and awareness of the country in general, especially if you have never been there before.

So, we’ve prepared 5 things to know for everyone, who is serious about moving to Greece to become a resident rather than a tourist.

Things to Know Before Living in Greece

  • Do not associate the whole country with the economic crisis, poverty,  and the level of life there. Not all regions in Greece are the same. Some regions are not as bad in terms of economy level as the news inform us. For example, touristic places are in better condition than others. If you plan to live on Crete, Corfu, or other similar regions, you’ll probably be surprised that the economic situation is not bad there. And you’ll probably be able to find a good job there faster than in Patras or Volos.
  • Be ready to pay more for a property in the famous resort regions than in Athens, Patras, or Thessaloniki. If you’re looking for a place with the affordable accommodations, you need to look in the urban places. Greek resorts are more about villas and bungalows rather than apartments.
  • Greece is famous for its delicious cuisine and quite affordable prices for food. Traditional Greek moussaka, dakos, and gigandes plaki are those few traditional dishes, which are already worth moving to the country. So, food won’t take the largest part of your budget if living in Greece.
  • Weather. Greek weather is one of the reasons why people decide to move there. The closer to the sea you’re going to buy a property, the more stable and comfortable weather you’ll get. If you own a villa or a house on one of the islands, you get the feeling like living on vacation all the time.
  • Choose Athens if you want to get the best of all worlds in one city – the mountains, the sea, the friendly atmosphere, and the opportunity to develop yourself in other spheres than those related to a tourism career only. And if your budget is tight enough, Athens has a plenty of options to choose from when it comes to tiny, but cosy and affordable apartments.

So, that’s all for those essential things to know before making the final decision about moving to Greece.