If you have ever dreamt of living somewhere on the most popular cruise destinations, Greece can be your own paradise. It is more than just a place to spend a vacation. It is a remarkable country with beautiful countrysides, ancient architecture, and gorgeous villas. A lot of people dream of living here. And that’s not a surprise.

Compared to other resort places, Greece is quite an affordable place to live in. Here, you get everything you can dream of in terms of comfortable living – beautiful nature, old architecture, and the seaside just around the corner. At the same time, the prices are lower than other popular resorts offer, especially for real estate. Of course, the most beautiful places are the most expensive ones in Greece. Today we’re going to compare those marvellous resort places and ordinary cities in terms of property, surroundings, and lifestyles. So, if you consider moving to Greece, keep reading. We have a lot of interesting information to share.

Greece: Seaside vs Downtown

Living by the sea and living in the middle of a noisy city are two different things not only in Greece but in any other country. And it is felt literally in everything – the rhythm of city life, prices for food and property, views, and the number of tourists. The number of tourists is an especially interesting factor as Greece is considered to be one of the most visited countries in the world.

  • Prices. Comparing prices in ordinary cities and famous resorts, you’ll notice a huge gap. For example, for a couple of hundred euros, you can rent a stylish and big apartment in the best part of the city. In case of resort places, the property is not so affordable. For example, the most expensive apartments and houses are in the exotic parts of the country – Corfu, Santorini, Crete, and Mykonos. You have to be ready to prepare your budget enough in order to be able to rent a small property here. But the number of pleasures you get is worth it without a doubt – ancient ruins, whitewashed villages, tasty cuisine, crystal clean water, and sunny beaches.
  • Nature. Of course, both urban places and hidden Greek islands have something interesting to explore. But all of us understand that no one city in the world, no matter how modern or luxurious it is, can’t compete with the beauty of wild nature. The resort places in Greece are a perfect combination of breathtaking seasides and elegant architecture with whitewashed houses and colorful verandas. The architecture presented on Mykonos or Santorini is something everyone knows about even if they’ve never been there. You’ve probably seen those pictures of popular Greek island villas on the Internet or on the postcards.

In fact, both ordinary cities and resorts have a plenty of historical sights and wonderful views. If we’re talking about prices and the pace of daily life, urban cities will be better for younger generations who want to save money and live a busy life.