Are you looking for real estate overseas? Discover Athens, the capital of Greece. It is located in Attica and washed by the Mediterranean Sea. Its economics, climate and culture make villas, cottages and apartments here demanded objects to be bought. We have listed for you 10 main advantages for buying apartments in Athens below.

#1 – Resort Area. The Athenian Riviera is situated not far from the capital. It is the coast with many picturesque resort towns. People buy hot tours to have rest there. If you have some property nearby, you are lucky.

#2 – Touristic Centre. Athens is a modern metropolis with an ancient history. A lot of tourists come here every day to see the Parthenon, the Acropolis, the Dionysus Theater, the Temple of Olympian Zeus, the Agora, the Tower of the Winds. It is amazing to live so close to historical objects, which are well-known and loved in the world.

#3 – Beautiful Nature. Living in this city is great for those who appreciates closeness to nature. You can observe three mountain chains in the eastern, western and northern parts of Athens as well as the Saronic Gulf in the south. In the southern part of Athens popular areas are Glyfada, Paleo Faliro, Alimos.

#4 – Good for Investment. Athens is among the most popular cities in the world for investing in real estate. Both residential and commercial real estate is in demand. It is connected to the fact of the current period of economic prosperity.

#5 – Compatible Prices. Although the growth in demand for real estate contributed to a natural increase in prices, they are lower than in the cities of Cyprus, for example. The property in Athens costs an average of 500 – 1,500 thousand euros/m². In the center of Athens you can find a small studio with a good location for 30-40 thousand euros. Prices for spacious  2-3 rooms apartments near shopping malls and with a convenient location are on average 80-150 thousand euros. Prices for multi-storey villas in the suburbs reach several million euros.

#6 – Star-Quality Apartments

If your budget allows you to choose expensive apartments, do not hesitate and buy houses in prestigious central districts of Athens. They are Kifissia, Ekali, Marousi, Kolonaki. Your house will be distinguished by classical architecture because most of the housing in the city center was built long ago. At the same time, all the trendy shops and restaurants are concentrated here.

#7 – Elite Universities Nearby. In Athens, the most prestigious educational institutions are located. If you have a big family and kids, think about their future educational possibilities in advance. Living in the Greek capital allows to give them quality higher education near their own home. By the way, no entrance exams are conducted in Greek universities, so the main argument before the admission committee will be a school certificate.

#8 – Buying with Lease Prospects. Nowadays, many people buy real estate for renting it out. It may become an additional source of incomes with a monthly earn about 1000 euros.

#9 – Possibilities for any Budget. In Athens, you can buy an apartment for only 20000 euros. This is a great opportunity for people with sustainable, but not very high salary. An average family can relocate from any place of the world and feel excellent in a new own lovely house.

#10 – Orthodox Culture. Athens is known as the Orthodox capital. Living among ancient saint places is a real treasure for the orthodox community. Pilgrims are coming here to bow to the relics of St. Gregory of Nyssa, Great Saints Theodore Stratelates and Theodore Tiron, St. George the New, and many others.  

We sincerely hope that this review of the 10 reasons to become a proud owner of real estate in Athens will help you make the right choice!